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8 Ways to Run a More Successful Independent Medical Practice

If you’re managing an independent practice or providing care as a provider, what does success look like to you? How do you measure it? And how do you know when you’re doing something right so you can do it again?

Here are the unique needs:

You need to get your practice “on rails”: As a busy and fast moving independent practice, you need an operational plan (including modern technology and processes) that helps you avoid mistakes and distractions, allowing time
to focus on providing outstanding patient care.

You need to know your practice: To run a successful independent practice, you need to understand the health of your business. This includes knowing how to measure your operations against other similar practices as well as against industry averages.

You need to look for right-sized resources: You’re not a big hospital or large medical group. So you shouldn’t
be using resources built for one. Instead, use resources purpose-built for the workflows and staff needs of a smaller practice. Right-sized means created without all the bells and whistles you don’t need and offered at a price you can afford.