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A Healthcare-Specific CMMS

The practice of conducting rounds throughout a healthcare facility has existed for as long as hospitals themselves. From daily or even hourly medical rounds by doctors and nurses, to less frequent rounds by hospital administrators and facility managers, the need to “check in” on patients, staff and facilities is a crucial part of running a successful healthcare operation.

The type and frequency of rounds may differ, but their importance remains universally critical. For attending physicians and bedside nurses, rounds are an important way of monitoring patient health and administering care. Hospital executives make rounds to assess the goings-on within their organization, to stay close to staff and understand more personally how the operation is running. Security and safety personnel make rounds to ensure the facility is safe and secure, and that policies and procedures are being followed and documented. And facility personnel make rounds to ensure the hospital is clean and in good working condition to ensure the building itself is conducive to working, resting and healing.