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Buyer’s Guide for a Totally Mobile Workforce (Work space suite)

This IDC MarketScape includes vendors that create and sell software in the client virtualization space,
with a focus on centralized virtual desktops, distributed virtual desktops, and virtual user session
(VUS) software. Vendors that only offer user state virtualization and/or software products that support
virtual client computing deployments but not one of the aforementioned products will not be included in
the IDC MarketScape graphic or profiles. This is because these types of solutions address a specific or
niche need in the market but do not, by themselves, provide a complete software solution that an end
customer can purchase on a standalone basis or in addition to a Microsoft Server version.
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Also, to be on the IDC MarketScape graphic, vendors need to be earning at least $10 million in
revenue in 2015 or demonstrate enough momentum in the marketplace to make nearly $10 million in
2016 according to IDC estimates