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Cembs Union Payroll Brochure

CEM Union Payroll is an add-on module in Dynamics AX / D365 that can handle all union payroll activities. Your HR department no longer has to
manually calculate union deductions and fringe benefits. If you are outsourcing your union payroll calculations, you can bring it in-house. CEM
Union master setups define pay rates, union deductions and fringe benefits by unions and seniority levels.

Each union will have specific requirements regarding pay scales and benefits. Each union file will define pay rates based on criteria like seniority,
department and worker performance. With CEM Union payroll you simply setup these masters and assign workers to unions. Workers can be in as
many unions as you require and the system will automatically pull both rates and benefits from the correct union masters.

The ability to track and report union payroll activities is also very important. You can report the deductions to the unions easily and with all the
detailed hourly calculations by individual, by trade and by state. Union reports can be configured according to the union requirements. This kind of
documentation becomes absolutely necessary when business leaders are in discussions with union leaders.

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