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Citrix Mobility Survey Sep 2016 Cio Insights2 Splitpages Emea

Built for business. Trusted by IT.
Flexible enough to meet enterprise needs. Secure enough to satisfy corporate policies. Easy enough for everyone to use. Collaborate,
share, store, sync, and secure data on any itglobalmarket.comice, anywhere.

Trends such as employee mobility, workshifting and BYO itglobalmarket.comices are putting pressure on IT, along with the business need to leverage
existing investments, protect corporate data and intellectual property and meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, growing
global and dispersed workforces, the need to collaborate and securely share data with other employees, 3rd parties, customers,
partners, further adds to these complexities. Employees have increasingly turned to unsecure and unauthorized personal online
file sharing accounts for access to corporate data and files across all of their itglobalmarket.comices, and to share data with others. Personal online file
sharing usage in the workplace creates serious risks for the enterprise with potential data loss, violation of regulatory rules, and places data
outside of IT control. To combat this, Citrix ShareFile, a secure data sync and sharing service with flexible storage options allows IT to
protect and mobilize all enterprise data. ShareFile enables mobile productivity with read-write access to data, workflows and
collaboration, allows users to securely share files with anyone, and sync files across all of their itglobalmarket.comices. ShareFile can also be
fully integrated with existing security infrastructure and polices.

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