Cyber Unplugged

Join SonicWall and a range of Cybersecurity Professionals as they talk frankly about all things cybersecurity on Cyber Unplugged.

Episode One: Bridging the Cybersecurity Business Gap

In the first episode of Cyber Unplugged we discuss the switch to remote working, it’s potential consequences and what businesses can do to protect themselves by bridging the cybersecurity business gap. Host Charles Commins is joined by SonicWall Security Experts Mike Awford, Alex Michael and Patricia Alvez.

Episode Two: Maintaining Security in the ‘New Business Normal’

In episode 2, we discuss the ‘new business normal’ with insights from a CEO and IT service providers perspective. We’ll learn about the challenges and solutions faced by organisations in recent months and what plans are being put in place to keep workforces secure in our new remote working world.

Episode Three: Embrace SaaS Applications Without Fear

Is your business deploying more and more Software as a Service applications? Although SaaS apps empower businesses with agility and enhanced productivity, this efficiency isn’t without risks. Listen in to understand how SaaS apps can be adopted in a secure, responsible manner.For more information on what is discussed in this episode, watch the Embrace SaaS Application Without Fear webcast from SonicWall.

Episode Four: Social Engineering – The Threat Is Coming From Inside The House

Listen as John Aarsen, SonicWall and Alasdair Truett of Fortisat discuss the anatomy of social engineering attacks and how people are manipulated into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Social Engineering attacks have become more frequent and aggressive as attackers attempt to exploit the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. In the case of both users and organizations, overconfidence can lead to complacency, allowing such attacks to succeed. That’s why it’s crucial that you consider social engineering as your company builds its boundless cybersecurity strategy.

Episode Five: SD-Branch: Securing Branch Sites in the Hyper Distributed Era

Traditional methods of deploying and maintaining security at branch sites has become ineffective, expensive and unmanageable. A secure SD-Branch solution can form a cornerstone for boundless cybersecurity in distributed enterprise environments. Jamie Love, Colin Gracie and Neal Lewis explain why.

Episode Six: SD-Branch: Profiting From The Pandemic – How Covid-19 Has Changed The Cyber Threat Landscape

These are dark days for many businesses and individuals. But they’re salad days for cybercriminals. Opportunistic hackers, seeing a chance to take advantage of the confusion and fear surrounding the pandemic, have been out in force.

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