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Dns Eval Guide Final

Built on Dyn’s global infrastructure, Traffic Director is the top choice for those that want full control over their web traffic and the most out of their data centers, ensuring an exceptional experience for end users throughout the world.

Traffic Director is essential for any organization that depends on their website for business continuity, whether it is engaging with prospects, customers, users,
or members. Website availability and performance have a direct effect on revenue, costs, and customer satisfaction. Traffic Director scales to address the needs of organizations with a national or global presence.

In either case, the ability to reliably route your traffic to the best data center on your network provides a faster, more engaging user experience.

Traffic Director is a managed DNS solution that enables companies to distribute their web traffic across data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs), and other cloud services. Properly routing this traffic can result in significant performance improvements and protection against outages at any endpoint.

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