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In this third installment of The Evolving Threat Podcast, Charles and Helge Husemann, Security Geek at Malwarebytes, are joined by Malwarebytes’ malware intelligence researcher, Jean-Philippe Taggart, Rob Pooley of IT security solutions company, Saepio Solutions, and Nick Munro of Blue Cube Security, who provide independent consultative advice, to discuss the current climate of cybersecurity and give their advice on how businesses can protect themselves.

This episode explores the concerns businesses have with nation state threats, phishing attacks and the risks that come from employees who bring their own devices and security into the workplace as well as the addition of new IoT devices.

By the end of the podcast, the group consider what are the top 3 security concerns for organisations and discuss measures to counteract them.

Helge Husemann holds the job title of Security Geek at Malwarebytes and he is presently on a mission to protect businesses from malware. Husemann has spent the past 15 years immersed in technology and has been focusing on the ways that malware disrupts, disables and destroys businesses. The threats that keep business owners and IT departments up at night have evolved from disruptive viruses to today’s malicious ransomware and Helge keeps pace with these new types of malware and what businesses need to do to protect themselves.

Jean Philippe Taggart eats malware. He says himself that he loves to break stuff and habitually voids warranties in the process. Jean is a Senior Security Researcher at Malwarebytes.

Rob Pooley is an IT Security Specialist at Saepio Solutions who don’t just supply security products but increase awareness, reduce risk and improve security in a continually evolving threat landscape.

Nick Munro is a pre-sales consultancy manager for Blue Cube Security. Blue Cube Security offer independent security advice. Their mission is to guide customers through the ever increasing complexity of the Cyber Security threat landscape.

Inside this episode:

04:13 Are organisations too focussed on nation state threats when they should be looking at getting the basics right instead?

07:25 Is education of employees the biggest threat when it comes to cybersecurity?

12:52 IoT devices and the risks that they pose

21:57 Are humans the biggest risk to your security?

28:35 The top 3 concerns within cybersecurity today

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