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In a 2017 report undertaken by the Ponemon Institute and IBM it was discovered that it takes 197 days to discover a breach was in your system and then a further 69 days to put an end to it. The means this malware attack would expose your organisation for 266 days! In 2018, we’ve seen in further research by the Ponemon Institute that malware attacks account for 35 percent of all attacks.

In the last episode of The Evolving Threat podcast, Helge Husemann explored the threat that lurks inside an organisation. This time, Helge joins Charles to discuss the threat of malware attacks and the measures organisations can put in place to protect themselves from them.


Helge Husemann is a Security Expert on a mission: protecting businesses from malware. Husemann. has spent the past 15 years immersed in technology and has been focusing in on the ways that malware disrupts, disables and destroys businesses. The threats that keep business owners and IT departments up at night have evolved from disruptive viruses to today’s malicious ransomware and Helge keeps pace with these new types of malware and what businesses need to do to protect themselves.


Inside this episode:


02:05 Helge gives his observations on cybersecurity threats and how much of a problem they can be.

02:50 The preventative measures in place at the moment.

06:59 Are legacy systems to blame for breaches?

11:58 How Malwarebytes’ Emotet and Trickbot programmes work and their results

22:03 Helge’s advice on how to detect and prevent a cyber attack.

25:32 The future of cybersecurity.

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