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Five Pillars Of Security For Financial Services Organizations

Virtualization helped you address key user priorities including secure remote access and bringyour-own
itglobalmarket.comice (BYOD) while helping IT become more effcient and agile. Now times have
changed. Workers use more itglobalmarket.comices and demand is intensifying for anytime, anywhere access
to business apps and data. C-level executives need the business to be more productive—and
that means workers who are mobile, secure and effcient. Can you enable full productivity on
any type of itglobalmarket.comice? Are consumer-grade mobile apps and fle sharing services poking holes in
your security posture? Are multiple vendors causing headaches when you patch together
solutions for app delivery, data, mobility and networking? If you can’t provide the mobility,
fexibility and seamless experience users have come to expect, it’s time to update your strategy
for the way people work today.

Evolving business and workforce needs are driving the rapid adoption of mobile workspace
delivery by organizations of all kinds. A secure mobile workspace builds on your foundation of
application or desktop virtualization to provide everything people need to be fully productive,
anywhere, on any itglobalmarket.comice. A complete workspace includes mobile application management
(MAM), mobile business productivity apps like email and calendars, and synchronized data sync
and sharing.

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