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From the War Room To The Board Room

We are in the middle of security alerts storm. The
number of security products has grown over the last
few years and each produces more alerts than before.
Based on multiple sources, the information
security market will grow at a CAGR of roughly 8%
through 2020 to about $170billion. This is mostly the
result of enterprises deploying more security
products than ever before. Each of these products
has its own interfaces and workflows.

Not only have enterprises bought more products, but they also tried to hire more security analysts to deal
with alerts and threats in the organization. Yet many cannot find enough analysts (problem being lack of
skilled security analysts). Another challenge organizations face is the fact that training the new analysts
is a non trivial task and senior analysts don’t have enough time to train junior analysts. According to
Bureau of labor statistics, the outlook through 2024 shows an annual growth of 18% in the job postings
for information security analysts