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Pamela Guyton-Micheles is a demand generation leader and currently works for Avalara, a tax compliance solutions company. Pamela has a proven record of increasing conversion in the US, as well as EMEA, APAC, and LATAM. With over 20 years experince in her field.

In this podcast, Pamela offers her insight into the definition of a lead at both a personal level and through the eyes of her employers and colleagues, Avalara.

Podcast Artwork

In this episode:

01:37 Pamela’s own definiton of a lead

03:15 How Pamela’s definition differs from that of Avalara’s

05:52 How Pamela measures success in her role

13:08 How Pamela manages lead programmes

15:55 The differences and challenges in managing international lead programmes such as GDPR

22:22 How Avalara ensures its sales staff are aligned with the decision making unit

23:36 Pamela’s advice to succeed in growing the pipeline and reducing the cost per lead

25:09 How demand generation has evolved over the last 20 years

26:41 Pamela gives her view on where demand generation will be within the next 3 years

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