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How Ueba Reduces The Threat Of Insider Data Leakage

Monitoring user activity & behavior has significant benefits:
• Increased security against insider threats
o Detection, the number one priority when dealing with insider threats, requires visibility into user activity and
detecting for anomalies in user behavior
o Responding to insider threats requires detailed, contextual activity data that can be easily digested by the
extended response team

• Productivity increases driven by:
Identifying employees having trouble staying on task so that they can be managed effectively
Identifying the top “time drain” activities enterprise-wide; implementing and tracking adherence to policies designed to maximize productivity

• More efficient and effective employee investigations, leading to:
o Termination protection – documentation of justification to head off wrongful termination claims
o Reduced cost associated with investigations through less time spent assembling evidence and reducing
reliance on expensive, specialized skill sets forensic tool sets require

Security & Risk professionals recognize the value and benefits of analyzing user behavior and monitoring user activity.
At times, legal and HR staff have questions that must be addressed prior to implementation.

This document is intended to assist company executives determining how to best implement a user activity monitoring
and / or user behavior analytics program

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