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Iot Ebook Mema

In modern, continuous business environments downtime or loss of data is getting less and less
acceptable. Online shopping goes on 24/7, factories have to keep production going around the clock
and global enterprises need to be connected to all time zones continuously – and all depend heavily
on IT. Where businesses used to focus on getting data back and getting services back online after a
disruption, nowadays the focus lies on continuous availability from an end user perspective: keeping
services online without users noticing any problems or downtime.

This implies that, after any disruption to services, systems need to be up and running again in minutes
and data loss has to be limited to seconds instead of hours or even days. In other words, instead of
focusing on solutions for backup or disaster recovery, businesses are more and more in need of IT
Resilience: the capability to respond to a disruption so quickly that end-users and customers are not
aware that a disruption occurred.

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