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Joining Charles on this episode of People of Tech is CISO advisor and champion of women in tech, Jane Frankland.

Jane started out in cyber security over 20 years ago and in that time has held senior executive roles at several large PLC’s and has a strong track record of working with some of the world’s biggest brands.

In 2017, Jane published her first book, In Security, exploring the reasons for the lack of women working in cyber security, expelling the myths and providing a true insight into strategies for attracting, identifying and retaining more women in the industry.


Episode Artwork

Inside this episode:

01:25 Jane tells us about her career in cyber security to date

04:12 As a mentor, Jane provides an insight into what she offers the business world

05:17 The key advice Jane gives to leaders in the cyber security space

11:28 The biggest challenges CISO’s face in Jane’s point of view

12:31 Jane’s thoughts on the climate of the industry at the moment

18:50 What’s the most common question Jane gets asked?

21:10 According to, the number of working women in technology is significantly lower than most other UK work sectors. Just 17% of those working in Technology in the UK are female. I know that in Israel this state is reversed. Jane gives her comments.

24:21 How much does having people like Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook being such a key face in the industry help influence the next generation of women get involved in IT?

26:06 Jane’s thoughts on the way having an increased presence of women in the media is perceived by some as just being a means to fill a quota.

30:11 Jane discusses her book InSecurity

33:54 Women In Red Ball Gowns – Jane’s blog post about what happened at InfoSec and The InSecurity Code of Conduct

38:05 Where Jane sees the future of women in tech over the next three years

39:43 How Jane switches off.

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