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Kuw 12408 Usen

As enterprises transform their IT infrastructure and operations to meet the challenges of a new, digital economy, they are revisiting each workload to determine the optimal delivery model and environment: cloud or traditional; physical or virtual; self-managed or expert-managed.

For an increasing number of workloads, enterprises are choosing managed services, in which an expert third-party Managed Service Provider (MSP) hosts and manages applications. According to a 2015 Frost & Sullivan survey of IT decision-makers, 35% of businesses are using managed services for some of their applications; another 36% plan to add managed services in the next two years. Furthermore, among current managed services users, over half (52%) plan to significantly increase their usage in the next two years. The growth of managed
services reflects the escalating complexity of the IT environment, in which most applications require integration with data and applications from a variety of sources, and may be subject to compliance and security regulations.

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