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Managed Dns Technical Overview

Tornadoes and foods hitting the Midwest, mudslides and wildfres on the West
Coast, hurricanes ravaging the Gulf Coast, and blizzards blanketing the Northeast
are just a few of the natural disasters that can be incredibly frightening and damaging
due to their unpredictable nature. They can hit anytime and anywhere.

And it’s not just the U.S. that is affected. Between 2000-2009, the number of worldwide
catastrophic events doubled from the previous decade. Since 2010, more than 700 natural
disasters have been recorded. While we can hope they slow down, the predicted numbers say otherwise.

During hurricane season, Florida and other gulf states prepare themselves for heavy rains, winds, and power
outages. The rest of the East Coast tends to get residual affects from these storms, but they often die down by
the time they go up the coast. However, in October 2012, Hurricane Sandy started in the Caribbean and barreled
directly toward New York City, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record.

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