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Radu Stanescu HeadshotOn this episode of People of Tech, Charles is joined by Radu Stanescu. Radu is the CEO of Sandline, an IT Security firm based in Romania and a Senior Information Security Consultant at the European Parliament.

Radu first knew he wanted to work in information technology when his parents bought him his first computer in 1995.

In the podcast, Radu talks about the journey of his career and gives his opinion on the current landscape of cybersecurity.

Podcast Artwork

Inside this episode:

01:04 Radu’s career.

04:33 What first interested Radu in a career in information technology?

07:44 Radu’s work for the European Parliament.

12:56 Radu’s opinion on the current threat landscape.

23:05 Radu’s thoughts on how breaches such as the BA and Marriott group hacks could have been avoided.

28:09 Radu on 5G.

31:47 Basic cybersecurity essentials.

33:27 How Radu switches off.

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