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Rethinking The Endpoint

This white paper outlines the gaps in providing a secure
browser, including research into data breach trends and
provides a practical solution for centralizing and securing
browsers. The solution includes combining Citrix and
Bitdefender technologies in an innovative approach centered
on new virtualization and hypervisor introspection

The stark reality is that browsers have become the primary vector for attacking individuals and organizations. Organizations that
configure browsers without considering them as the entry-point for malware, undesired content, phishing attacks and
ransomware, continue to suffer damaging breaches and browser-induced mayhem.

Contrast the “lock-down” mentality against the day-to-day reality; being a security-minded operator of datacenters has always
been a difficult task. The primary mission statement is, “Make it work, and keep the technology out of the way.” From email to
accessing the web, from remote use of critical applications to supporting access from any web-enabled itglobalmarket.comice, the pace of
technology continuously challenges security. The result is a tug of war between security teams that want to lockdown browsers by
removing functionality, but users want more functionality without regard to security

Organizations understand that web browsers, and their associated plug-ins, are a cause of significant security concerns. Managing
different browsers across myriad endpoints and keeping plug-ins updated are challenges that cannot be addressed through legacy
security approaches.

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