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Revolutionizing The Commerce Experience

You’re probably tired of hearing how
empowered today’s customers are.
Everyone knows that they’re more mobile,
better informed, and less loyal than ever
before. And they expect brands to deliver
not only a smoother, more seamless shopping
experience, but a highly personalized one, too.

It’s no wonder more than 10% of retail
shopping is done online1 and it’s one reason
why smart retailers have advanced their
technology so much that they can send
an email reminder the day after you leave
an unpurchased item in your cart. Or personalize
promotions according to your buying history.

Much of this is a result of integrating web
content systems with commerce engines,
so that the marketing department that engages
with consumers through digital channels
has visibility into inventories and catalog
information that lives in commerce systems.

The dirty secret of contextual commerce,
however, is that it’s hard. Really hard. Not
only do companies have to overcome siloed
departments and disconnected business
processes, they also have to manually integrate
and align multiple systems and ensure
customer data is managed effectively across
all these systems.

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