State of the Phish Podcast

This podcast series aims to explore the findings of the latest State of the Phish 2019 Report which shows that cyber attackers continue to focus on end-users.

With a little help from Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, we’ll delve into the phishing landscape and offer advice on security awareness training for not just the sole user but entire organisations.

The State of the Phish Podcast is powered by Proofpoint Security Awareness Training.

Episode 1: Gone Phishing

The first episode of the State of the Phish Podcast with Charles Commins discusses the biggest threat to an organisation in 2019, phishing attacks, along with security specialist Paul Down.

Episode 2: Plenty of Phish in the Sea

Episode two of the State of the Phish Podcast discusses the dangers that organisations pose to themselves due to their own culture and how they can protect themselves from outside threats.

Episode 3: Phish and Clips

In episode three of the State of the Phish Podcast, host Charles Commins asks Senior Director, Paul Down for his opinion on the results of the Cybersecurity for the Modern Era live panel.

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