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Ta 173245 Sp Bench Strength

*itglobalmarket.comelop a long-term succession strategy aligned
with your long-term business strategy.

Thirty-one percent of leaders are in newly-created
positions—meaning that succession management may
be focusing on leader strengths that are no longer relevant
and neglecting others that are rising in importance. HR
leaders need to partner with their organization’s strategy
team to understand priorities and critical focus areas for
the future. Information on the anticipated trajectory of
the organizational and business environment will provide
vision to anticipate key future leader positions.

*Target investment on the basis of true leader potential.

Fifty-five percent of high-potentials are likely to fall
out of their top talent program. However, many should
likely have not been there at all with nearly one half of
companies lacking a systematic approach for identifying
high-potentials and, of those that do, only 1 in 3 use robust
methods. This inability to accurately identify true highpotentials
means that many future-leader programs are
directing their resources, training and career opportunities
to employees who are unlikely to rise to, and be successful
in, more senior and more critical positions.