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The New Power Couple

Research in the area of customer experience1
should give marketers everywhere a wake-up call. Marketers must truly
become customer centric and move beyond a “one size fits
all” approach to deliver relevant experiences that engage
each individual.

This isn’t as much a call to “do things better” but rather one
to “do things differently.” Marketers must transform the sum
of all interactions between a consumer and their brand—
across digital and physical environments—into experiences
that meet customer expectations and are meaningful and
memorable enough to warrant further engagement.

At Sitecore, we’ve been stressing the importance of owning
and managing the customer experience since 2009.

The importance of context

But how do you create a “meaningful experience” when
different customers or prospects define “meaning” in
as many ways as there are individuals? The answer lies
in “context.

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