Titus, a leading provider of data protection solutions, has launched Titus Intelligent Protection, which adds breakthrough machine learning advances to its Titus Classification Suite for Windows and Titus Illuminate solutions.

With Titus Intelligent Protection, customers can build and deploy a model based on company-specific data protection needs while leveraging machine learning to provide additional consistency and accuracy to data protection initiatives.

Titus Intelligent Protection enables Titus customers to train their solutions to add an element of automation to the identification and classification of documents and emails.

This blend of rule-based and automatic or suggested classification means customers can benefit from the efficiencies of machine learning to both complement and enhance their data protection strategy.

“As much as we want people to be our strongest security link, they can benefit from the assistance machine learning provides,” said Mark Cassetta, senior vice president, product management and strategy for Titus.

“Machine learning is the first technology that actually scales and produces a repeatable way for expert views and definitions, in any enterprise, to be made available to every employee.

“By enabling organizations to harness the power of machine learning in concert with their current information security policies, Titus Intelligent Protection offers the ability to scale their existing data protection strategy efficiently and effectively, without placing an additional burden on their employees.”

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